Friday, December 18, 2015

U.S. Embassy in Athens "relocates" cats from grounds

14-year-old Squinty, removed by personnel from the U.S. Embassy in Athens, Greece and still missing.

The U.S. Embassy in Athens, Greece is blessed to have several tame and friendly cats that call the grounds home. But about a week ago four of those cats, who have lived their entire lives on the grounds, were “relocated” to an undisclosed location for reasons that have yet to be explained. Two of these “relocated” cats, Mohawk and Pumpkin, have since been found and are now in foster care, but the other two, one named Chevvy and a 14-year-old frail female named Squinty, have not been located.

Greek rescue group Nine Lives Greece has been searching for the missing cats and says caring embassy staff have located two of them. However, the U.S. Embassy has not officially revealed why or how the cats were removed, whether it worked with any rescue groups or animal care professionals to properly do the relocation, and has only insisted on Facebook that, “Some of the cats were moved to another Embassy facility in Athens, which is another safe, fenced compound.” According to Nine Lives, the two cats who were found were NOT in a safe, fenced compound. Instead they were found near busy streets in an area where packs of stray dogs are known to roam.

8-month-old Mohawk, "relocated," but found.
We need your help to pressure the U.S. Embassy to reveal exactly what happened to these “relocated” cats. It must tell us why the cats were removed, the manner in which the removal was done, and provide proof that the cats are now safe and cared for as it claims.  

Please help us in the search for Chevvy, Squinty, and the truth by emailing the U.S. Embassy and Ambassador to Greece David D. Pearce at Ask why the cats were removed, in what manner, and to what precise location; demand proof that Chevvy and Squinty are safe and cared for as the embassy claims; and let the staff and ambassador know that their treatment of cats in this instance is unacceptable and does not represent the views of compassionate Americans.

You can increase your impact too by using social media!
Leave a message on the embassy’s Facebook page here:
Tweet the U.S. Embassy: @USEmbassyAthens
Tweet Ambassador David D. Pearce: @daviddpearce

Your voice is needed today to help locate Chevvy and Squinty, and to remind the ambassador and his staff that their actions in regard to these cats misrepresents our views as compassionate Americans, and that we do not accept being represented abroad as uncaring toward the cats in our communities.

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