Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Honoring our Canine Friends on National Dog Day

Today we celebrate National Dog Day by honoring a few canines that are extra special to ACR. These dogs have come into our lives through our work on behalf of cats, and we just had to give them love and help when the time came.

First is Bandit, who was rescued in Mexico by our president, Louise. ACR was in the country conducting a MASH-style spay/neuter clinic when Louise met Bandit at a local shelter. At the time, the shelter was very much overcrowded with multiple animals housed in each cage, and euthanasia was being done by electrocution. Louise showed great compassion for Bandit in Mexico, and now we all get to share in Bandit's love. She greets us with enthusiasm during office visits, and is a doting "mother" to many of the cats and kittens in our care. Bandit's patience and love are big reasons why so many of our cats and kittens do great in homes with dogs.

Then there's Pickles, another sweetie rescued by one of our board members, DesireƩ, in Los Angeles. Pickles does his best to dispel the notion that dogs and cats don't get along. He's so cuddly and affectionate that he's been nicknamed Velcro. When it comes to interacting with Pickles, frequent and prolonged snuggling is mandatory.

Canine pal Pickles, rescued in L.A., with Chico, who was rescued from a Baltimore shelter.

Lastly there's Buddy, the pitbull mix Louise found abandoned at a Hyattsville dog park early one morning this spring. Louise has found a few dogs dumped at dog parks in this manner, where we assume the former caretaker figured a kind soul would happen upon the dog and take him in. Of course we'd never condone this method of "rehoming," but we're sure glad Louise had her Animals-In-Need-Radar working that day!

When it comes to rescue work, for us it's all about compassion and giving the animals the best life possible.We were able to take in Buddy and care for him while we searched for his new forever home. With the help of our friends at the Brentwood Animal Hospital, word spread about Buddy and his friendly and energetic personality, until a new home was found. And what a home it is, with a large open yard and even a stream for frolicking!


We're so appreciative of Buddy's new family for taking him in. We couldn't imagine a more stark contrast between the life he faced when he was left alone at the park and the life he can now look forward to. Our pledge is to find every cat we come in contact with a loving home like Buddy's, and if we can help out a dog or three along the way, all the better! 

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