Monday, July 13, 2015

Tips for Keeping Cats out of Gardens

Cats are our most beloved animal companions. However, for our neighbors with gardens, they can be unwanted visitors. Because cats don’t recognize boundaries between their own yard and a neighbor’s yard, they can roam into unwelcome territory. Here are a few ways to help keep certain outdoor areas cat-free. 
            Creating barriers to the area you wish to keep cat-free helps to make it hard for them to get in. Try installing wire gutter guards on top of your garden fence, as cats don’t like walking on wire and will deter them. Another method is to plant prickly vegetation, like holly bushes, around your garden boundaries. And another option is to place automatic water sprayers around your garden. They have motion-activated sprayers that will go off when a cat comes near it, harmlessly spraying the cat and scaring him off. After a few attempts and being sprayed, the cat should learn this area is off limits.
         If these preventative measures don’t manage to keep the cat out, try to make your garden unappealing to him. Cats don’t like citrus smells, so try putting some orange and lemon peels in your garden. Damp soil is also a turn off for cats; they prefer dry soil. Short twigs or plastic forks stuck vertically into the soil throughout the planted area and rocky/graveled soil will help keep cats out of gardens, because they won’t have access to bare soil. It is also recommended for those who care for free-roaming cats to create simple outdoor litter boxes, using play sand and scooping regularly; providing a dedicated litter box area for outdoors cats will help keep cats out of gardens. For more helpful tips in keeping cats out of gardens, please visit our website.

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