Thursday, June 18, 2015

Father's Day: A time to tie one on... a cat!

There is no arguing that the neck-tie is the quintessential Father’s Day gift. It can be a reminder of a family’s love hanging right next to one’s heart. But some dads are tie super-enthusiasts with a penchant for going overboard, with various hanging racks and motorized contraptions meant to organize the neckwear only serving to clog up the closet. At some point the closet is full, and some wardrobe editing must be done to accommodate the new ties, but what to do with them? Our cats have a few ideas.

Puppy Dog likes to repurpose old ties as Cat Super Hero capes. He prefers a wide tie, at least three inches, to better direct his flight path. Puppy Dog would also like to cash in on his cuteness, so if there are any big corporations looking for a celebrity spokes-cat, he would like them to know he is available, and that his “cape” is plenty big enough for a logo.

Puppy Dog also took inspiration from his own name to think of using an old tie as a leash. True, we do not often think of cats as particularly leash-friendly, but we have heard from our office kitties that this is mostly due to the unfashionable leash designs currently available. Puppy Dog likes this floral design and pop of color that matches his harness.

Here we have Santa, modeling a nice little number in pale pink as a tail extender. The tail extender is unique in its versatility, as it can act as formal wear, like the train of a wedding dress, or be used to swat others away from a food bowl. It can also be a handy duster for hard-to-reach places, assuming you can convince your kitty to chip in around the house FOR ONCE.

This is Pellusa, who has done to a tie what cats seem to do to everything; make it into sleeping apparatus. A rolled tie can be a comforting pillow, providing soft cushion and the calming and familiar scent of a human companion.

And it may be the old tie doesn’t need repurposing at all. White-collar cats everywhere desire to put their best paws forward when on the job, and a jaunty hand-me-down necktie could be just the ticket for a professional cat like Josephine.

Ties are great, and as you can see have many uses, but if you're planning on getting dad something a bit less traditional for Father's Day this year, please consider buying through our Amazon Smile link, or check out GoodShop. When you designate Alley Cat Rescue as the organization you support, a portion of purchases is donated to ACR, which helps us care for Puppy Dog, Santa, Pellusa, and Josephine, and all the rest of our special furry friends.

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