Thursday, April 30, 2015

Playing a Part in a Happy Family Reunion

Regina with Grey Girl

Earlier this week we received a call from the Washington Humane Society regarding a kitten they had picked up. WHS scanned the little lady’s microchip and found she was registered to ACR. We picked the kitten up and set out to track down her caretaker, and today the family was reunited at our office!

This has been a reminder of how important microchipping is for all companion animals. The feisty Grey Girl clawed a hole through a screen and escaped through a cracked window. Her caretaker, Regina, began her search with feral colony caretakers in her area, hoping Grey Girl would head toward food and be spotted. However, WHS was close by and found Grey Girl first, before Regina even had a chance to call them for help!

Without an identifying chip, Regina may never have found Grey Girl. Curious cats can escape and become lost, despite the best intentions of conscientious caretakers, which is why Alley Cat Rescue microchips every cat who goes through our adoption program, and also each community cat being TNR’d. This allows us to quickly return found cats to their homes, whether that be indoors with people or outdoors as a member of a colony.

We also believe this is a great example of what is possible when shelters and rescue groups work in partnership, and the type of relationship ACR works hard to foster with local area shelters: WHS did the initial rescue and made the effort to check for a microchip and give us a call. Alley Cat Rescue then picked up Grey Girl, making available valuable shelter space, and took the rescue through to its happy conclusion.

Although we enjoyed having one of our snuggly ex-foster kittens back for a visit, we’re even happier that she’s back at her forever home with her family. Regina also adopted one of Grey Girl’s litter-mates, so it’s a reunion of sisters as well! And it was all made possible by your generous support, which provides the foundation for our daily work on behalf of cats. For that, Grey Girl, Regina and ACR thank you!

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