Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ACR Teaches Students about Cat Rescue and the Importance of Spay/Neuter

A few weeks ago, ACR attended the Port Towns Elementary School Fall Festival and made a lot of new friends! Around 300 students and parents attended the event, enjoying activities like a pie toss at teachers, sack races, face painting, a ring toss, and the playground was even turned into a pumpkin patch, where students could choose their own pumpkin to paint. The Bladensburg Fire and Police Departments were also in attendance; students were excited to sit in the fire truck and police cruiser.

Not to brag, but our table was the most popular table at the event! Because who doesn't love cats?! Even the principal gave us rave reviews and invited us back to the school for their Spring Festival. We educated the kids on rescue, spay/neuter, volunteering, and environmental issues, like the importance of recycling and using Yesterdays News litter. And of course we took a few kittens along, so students were able to play with kittens and learn proper handling and caring techniques.

The event raised over $3,000 for the school, and we handed out over 50 business cards to local parents interested in adoption and volunteering. A big thank you to Port Towns Elementary School for inviting us and thank you to one of the teachers, who kindly volunteers with us regularly. We can't wait for Spring so we can visit the students again!

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