Wednesday, October 15, 2014

From Loved Companions to Vilified Killers: Falsely Accused Feral Cats Receive Death Sentence in Australia

More and more reports are being released regarding Australia's plan to eradicate feral cats in order to protect birds and other wildlife. One article calls feral cats "monster moggies" and explains how scientists are using trained dogs to track down cats, while another article mentions the proposed idea of introducing Tasmanian devils and Komodo dragons into national parks to prey on cats. Despite the methods being discussed, one thing is clear, federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt says he wants all states, territories, and other stakeholders to sign a 10-year plan to eradicate feral cats from Australia.

In response to this cruel and unfeasible approach to protect wildlife, Alley Cat Rescue is calling on the compassionate citizens of Australia, and the billions of TNR supporters around the world, to take a stand and let their voices be heard against this senseless killing. Thus far, nearly 5,000 individuals have added their signature to our online petition directed towards Mr. Hunt and another 2,500 signatures have been gathered for a petition targeting Ambassador Kim Beazley here in Washington, D.C.

And thanks to our caring friends at Ozzi Cat Magazine, Australia's National Cat Magazine, our article denouncing this inhumane plan has been published in their latest issue. Director of Communications and Development Maggie Funkhouser highlights how human activity is the number one cause of wildlife decimation (habitat destruction, pollution, climate change) and reiterates how previous eradication attempts have resulted in catastrophic consequences on ecosystems.

Funkhouser says, "Humans are ignorant to think they can easily control animal and plant species...without negatively impacting the surrounding environment." She points out that "travel and trade continue to increase exponentially, [therefore] it is naive to deny the inevitability of globalizing the world's ecology."

Non-lethal methods of managing feral cat populations are available and increasingly being implemented throughout the world. Individuals, organizations, and governments are embracing Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) because it is effective, less-costly, and because they genuinely care about animals and their community. It's time Australia steps up and takes a non-violent approach to managing animals.

To show your support for feral cats and to put a stop to Australia's malicious plan, please add your name to our petition and remember to share with others.

To purchase a copy of the latest issue of Ozzi Cat Magazine, containing our important article, please click here. For every copy purchased, a donation is made to Australian cat rescues.

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