Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our Kittens Need Your Help!

Lost, a kitten who was found in a drainage pipe 
after a hurricane, warms up on a blanket.
As the weather gets warmer every spring and summer, Alley Cat Rescue takes in dozens of kittens. It’s always a busy time for us as we scramble to take care of the latest litters to come in and prepare them for adoption. And this year has been especially demanding. We’ve received far more kittens than we have in the past, because "kitten season" seems to have started earlier this year, and it continues to hold strong despite summer coming to a close.

This year we’ve taken in more than 60 kittens! We rescue some from shelters where they would otherwise be euthanized, others come from pregnant feral cats who come in through our Trap-Neuter-Return program, and many come from good Samaritans who find kittens in their backyards and neighborhoods.

One kitten, aptly named Lost, was found in a drainage pipe by two construction workers after a hurricane. And three five-week-old siblings -- Hitchcock, Craven, and Carpenter -- were stuck inside the wall of a utility closet at an apartment building! These kittens were old enough to eat solid food and care for themselves; however, some of the kittens who end up in our care, unfortunately, have been abandoned by their mothers at such a young age, they require special care from dedicated staff and foster parents in order to survive.
Luckily, the few tiny kittens we rescued this year were adopted by a nursing mother cat who was staying at our vet clinic. Sneaky was already raising five kittens of her own, when she kindly took in three other kittens who desperately needed a mom. Her special attention and care allowed these babies to grow strong and healthy to where they eventually found their forever homes!

And we were also very fortunate to have a foster parent who went above and beyond in caring for kittens; she was prepared for the birth of feral kittens in a way that few are. Not only did she commit to fostering the kittens until they were old enough to be placed into our adoption program, but she even had sonograms performed on the mother cat prior to giving birth and made a baby book for each kitten.

Sneaky sits with her kittens. She was already the
mother of five when she adopted three more.
We've had a lot of kittens and a lot of adoptions this year, but we couldn't do it without our dedicated supporters, foster parents, and your generous donations. Caring for kittens comes with a hefty price tag, and we make sure each and every one of them is fully vetted prior to adoption. We spay/neuter each kitten, as well as vaccinate, test, and microchip them. Including the price of food and boarding for the average two weeks they are at our clinic, a kitten will cost around $350 to care for. And if a kitten is sick, the total is often several hundred dollars more!

Please consider making a donation today, so we can help more kittens and add to our adoption success stories. If you can't make a financial donation, we are always in need of kitten supplies for those emergency situations. Donations of bottles, small blankets & towels, heating pads, kitten food (canned & kibble), KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer), small & flat dishes, carriers, and tops of shoe boxes (perfect size for kitten litter boxes) are always welcome. Please help us help our kittens. Thank mew!

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