Thursday, February 27, 2014

Can you help Shelter "Jessica" in Serbia?

We recently received a letter from Sandra, a great supporter of Shelter Jessica, one of only two registered cat shelters in all of Serbia.  These pictures are some of the cats who need to find homes.

This shelter needs our help and support.  Despite their efforts, adoptions are hard and only 50 cats have found forever homes, mostly abroad.  Sandra writes "This shelter is unfortunately struggling to keep taking care of its 146 cats at the shelter made by the shelter’s owner, Ms. Zlata Korjenic , who has spent her whole life fighting a corrupt and abusive animal “welfare” system in Serbia. Her Cat Shelter Jessica is in her own house, which she so graciously donated to the shelter, and she is taking care of all the cats by herself and with an occasional help from a few volunteers. Ms. Zlata is a true hero that never got the recognition she deserved and help that her cats desperately need."

Ms. Zlata also wrote a letter, explaining that the donations of food from the city have stopped, which have put them in a desperate situation as far as resources go.  

If you can help, please contact them any of the following ways:
Cat Shelter Jessica
Zlata Korjenić, Predsednik Help Animals
Beograd, Sestara Janković 12, Serbia, Europe
tel. 011/2755-358
mob. 063/253-776

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Alley Cat Rescue for sharing the shelter's story. Please come and visit their FB page at - thank you for you support and help! Sandra