Friday, January 31, 2014

NYS Devocalization Bill Could Hurt Animals: Why You MUST Learn About Amendments

Important Alert from Animal Advocates of Western NY,NYS Humane Association and Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets
Do you know why a law allowing devocalization ("bark softening") for "medical necessity" would hurt dogs and cats?

Or how a law allowing it as a "last resort" or "final alternative to euthanasia" would cause even more animals to suffer and die?

We've been forewarned by NYS legislators that the pending devocalization bill will NOT become law without amendments such as these, pushed by powerful special interests that profit from dog/cat devocalization.
They are loopholes--subtle, ever-evolving and dangerous to animals. Scroll down, learn more, to protect dogs and cats.

The only way the devocalization ban should become law is in the same form it left the Assembly on January 23. NO amendments.

Here are 3 amendments that would HURT animals.
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1. Why Would "Allowable for Medical Necessity" Make the Law Unenforceable?
"Medically necessary" or "medically beneficial" enables vets, who profit from voice-altering surgery, to perform it without any restriction. To protect animals from having their vocal cords cut for barking or meowing, "medical necessity" MUST be defined as this"to treat aPHYSICAL illness, injury or birth defect causing medical harm that cannot be remedied by other veterinary care."

2. Why Would "Allowable as a Last Resort/Final Alternative" Hurt More Animals Than Having No Law?

The "last resort/final alternative" proposal hurts animals in two ways. 

It keeps devocalization/bark softening legal because the law can never be enforced. No vet can know, some won't ask, if voice-altering surgery is a last or first resort. And no vet can know if a client provides responsible care. Animals who don’t receive the companionship, exercise and mental stimulation they need express their distress vocally.

Worse, this loophole codifies voice-altering surgery--an act of cruelty--as an acceptable practice. That can only result in more dogs and cats subjected to risky, painful vocal cord surgery just for barking or meowing. 

Reality Check: NO vet is forced to cut healthy vocal cords OR kill a healthy animal for barking or meowing. Shelter executives say surrender is kinder...and that devocalized animals are given up like any other. They just suffer more.
3. Why Not Allow "Bark Softening" and Ban Devocalization?
Because they're the same thing! Lobbyists claim "bark softening" is different, a benign, "non-invasive" procedure. That is patently false. The soft tissue of the vocal apparatus must be cut to alter the voice. Regardless of the surgical route, through the oral cavity (spun as "bark softening") or an incision in the neck, it indeed is invasive, painful--and dangerous, causing animals lifelong misery or a terrible death.
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Please contact your New York State legislators and tell them why these loopholes will hurt animals.  Don't know who your NYS senator is?  Look it up here: