Thursday, September 27, 2012

A really easy way to give money to Alley Cat Rescue without costing you a single cent!

You can help cats like Nathan
without spending a penny!

While we are pleased they have done so well, we would like YOU, a well-known cat lover to help Alley Cat Rescue and all the cats whose lives we save!

Load Good Search and Good Shop on your computer as your Search Engine.  To help us spay and neuter more cats, make sure you choose Alley Cat Rescue, Mount Rainier, MD Charity # 836129 as your charity of choice to receive donations.

ACR has 130 subscribers (we could use a LOT more!!)  Their searches have given ACR $1,369 over the years. Sadly I am the highest “donor” nearing the $100 mark.

Many of our donors have only given .01 cent. I think it may be because even though they have signed up, they do not make sure Good Search is on their toolbar. And I have noticed that other search engines can be quite “aggressive” in trying to get you to change.

Computers all come with a search engine already loaded. But you can change yours to reflect your compassion for cats!

Other groups have earned a lot of money through a simple click of a mouse from their donors. Groups like ASPCA have received $46, 562 and Best Friends has received over $28,000.

And remember to spread the word….ask your friends and family to join in as well. For Free!!

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