Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Attack on Feral Cats from ABC

The American Bird Conservancy is continuing their ruthless 
fight to get TNR banned all across  America. 
Their most recent stunt is outlined in the press release they just 
sent out titled "Nation’s Mayors Asked to Stop Spread of Feral Cats".

The press release begins with "American Bird Conservancy (ABC),
 the nation’s leading bird conservation organization, has called on
 the mayors of U.S. cities  to stop the epidemic spread of feral cats 
 that threaten national bird populations as well as scores of other
 wildlife. Letters were mailed to mayors 
of the fifty largest cities in the Unites States, urging they support 
responsible pet ownership and oppose Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) programs that 
promote the feeding of outdoor cats."

Why isn't the ABC writing letters to US mayors asking them stop building high 
rises, so that birds don't fly into them and die?  Why aren't they writing to 
farmers, asking them to stop using pesticides that kill birds? 

It is because cats are easy to vilify, but that does not mean that we have to 
stand for it.  Please, write to everyone, from your local town council to the 
state government to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife agency, to support TNR as the 
ONLY effective way to deal with feral cats.


C. Matsushige said...

People who care about cats MUST actively promote TNR to elected government officials.

Some wildlife biologists/conservationists are trying to sway governmental and public sentiment against TNR using false/distorted data.

Yes, pristine forests should be preserved, but it is unrealistic to claim that any urban areas will ever be suitable for re-habitation by threatened species.

TNR in Hawaii is especially under such attack. Hawaii's endangered birds are endangered because of habitat destruction/avian malaria/alien avian species, rat and mongoose predation.

It is CRITICAL that the public be aware of the methods by which wildlife agents 'dispatch' (kill) cats found on many public lands. Shooting cats in the head, using lethal traps that crush the cat to death, leg snares, poison, to name a few methods mentioned in somewhat obscure public reports by these federal employees. Is this how we want our tax dollars to be spent?

PLEASE contact legislators in support of TNR, and stay informed to public reports by US Fish and Wildlife, National Park Service, Dept of Land and Natural Resources, USDA, and various military bases (where wildlife agents prevent TNR, in spite of the large abandonment issues on military bases).

TNR works! It is humane. It costs taxpayers nothing (volunteers do all the work and pay all the costs).

Kenneth Gibbons said...

I can't understand how people are against feral or stray cats. I have a feral cat living in my home named minnie. She has adapted and has become part of the family.