Tuesday, September 06, 2011

ACTION ALERT: US Fish and Wildlife Service to Hold Anti-TNR Workshop

On November 5th, at the Wildlife Society Annual Conference in Waikoloa, Hawaii, representatives from the US Fish and Wildlife Service will conduct an all-day workshop entitled,  Influencing Local Scale Feral CatTrap-Neuter-Release Decisions,” to teach biologists and conservation activists how to protest TNR efforts. The workshop will equip participants with tools on how to encourage local decision makers away from supporting non-lethal management practices for free-roaming cats. The workshop will actually teach participants how to sway local decisions against TNR through “role playing activity” of public meetings to “debrief and design local strategies.”

Of course this workshop is NOT going to provide statistical information that has been gathered for decades on the countless benefits of TNR or explain how costly and ineffective trap and kill is, but rather reinforce that eradication is the only method that should be utilized when managing community cats, as they continue to exaggerate cat predation on wildlife. The Wildlife Society’s website says that “cats kill an estimated 1.4 million birds a day, every day—and at least as many small mammals and herps.” It goes on to say that cats kill more birds than do “collisions with wind or communications towers, oil spills, or other sources on which conservation agencies invest time and money.”

The Wildlife Society also stresses that “Municipalities across the U.S. are being pressured by cat advocacy groups to adopt Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) programs… establishing populations of subsidized invasive predators that continue to depredate wildlife.” Therefore, this workshop is designed to arm biologists and conservationists with the tools necessary to counteract the work on animal organizations to ensure that TNR is not embraced in anymore communities.

If it’s a fight they want, then it’s a fight we will give them! It’s time for cat advocates and supporters of non-lethal management practices to band together and let our voices be heard that we do NOT want our tax money to be used to kill cats! Especially, when history has shown us that trap and kill does NOT work and that TNR DOES!

What you can do to help:

*  Contact the USFWS and tell them you oppose their efforts to kill cats.
    Daniel M. Ashe, Director, USFWS
    Loyal Mehrhoff, Field Supervisor, Pacific Islands
    Robyn Thorson, Regional Director, Pacific Region

* Contact Secretary Salazar of the Department of the Interior

* Contact President Obama
*  Spread the word about the benefits of TNR with friends, family and neighbors. Remember to share important TNR emails, blogs and helpful links to your Facebook!

*  Find out about laws in your area and attend council meetings where TNR legislation is the subject of discussion.

*  Learn more about TNR and communities by visiting our website and stay up-to-date on action alerts and hot topics by subscribing to our E-newsletter.   

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