Friday, July 15, 2011

International Day of Action for South Korean Dogs and Cats

In South Korea, there thrives an industry that subjects companion animals to some of the cruelest forms of abuse and exploitation. Each year two million cats and dogs are tortured, slaughtered, and consumed for the meat’s supposed medicinal properties. Kept in tiny, filthy cages, cats and dogs are killed in unimaginable ways. Despite laws protecting cats and dogs from this mistreatment, the Korean government has refused to uphold its responsibilities and enforce these laws.

In stopping this horrific tradition, International Day of Action for South Korean Dogs and Cats was borne. On Tuesday, August 16th, In Defense of Animals will support animal allies on the ground in South Korea - Coexistence for Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) and Korean Animal RightsAdvocates (KARA). Both organizations hold protests, conduct investigations, report illegal activity at dog farms and slaughterhouses, engage in rescues, offer education, and pressure the South Korean government to strengthen legislation. Another organization involved in helping animals in Korea is International Aid for Korean Animals (IAKA); their brand new adoption and education center is now home to dozens of stray animals and provides a wealth of information to the community.

This day is used to organize outreach events to educate communities around the world about this needless suffering. Individuals are encouraged to hold protests or leafleting in a public place to raise awareness or to have a table at a local venue or event. For more information and to register your event, please click here. Also, please take a moment to visit ACR’s Call to Action page for contact information to send letters to the Korean embassy in Washington, DC.

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