Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ACR Saves 14 Kittens from Ohio

On Monday, June 13th, ACR received an email that a transport van from Ohio had driven 14 kittens and 1 adult cat to Maryland to transfer them to a local rescue group.

When the transport arrived, and the rescue group discovered that one of the kittens had an upper respiratory infection, they would not take any of the kittens. 

The wonderful volunteers who had driven them over 450 miles were devastated, because they were going to have to drive them back, where they would most likely be euthanized.

Emails started flying back and forth between groups, and one wonderful person put up $1,000 to whoever would take them and save them from certain death.  We decided that we would not see these kittens and mother cat end up in the shelter, so we decided to take them.

We are hoping to raise an additional $2,000 to help cover the costs.  The kittens have some of their vaccinations, but still need to be spayed or neutered and receive other vaccines. Please use the chip-in below to donate directly to these kittens care! 


ana s. said...

So you $1000 and you want another $2000 to take care of 14 cats. Even with upper resp. infection, it costs $20 for spay/neuter and vacs. here in Indy. $280 for spay and neuter and vacs for all 14. $2700 for what???

Alley Cat Rescue said...

Ana, seeing as we are located just outside of DC, it costs us a lot more than $20 per cat for spays/neuters and vaccines. All our cats receive rabies, distemper, feline leukemia vax, are treated for fleas and worms, and have combo test for FIV/Feline leukemia. Plus, we do not have our own shelter, so we have to pay for them to board with our animal hospital until they are adopted. In the summer, adoptions are very slow so it could take several weeks or even months for them all to be adopted.