Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Another Successful Campaign!

A feral cat waits to be TNRed
Thank you to everyone who once again participated in National Free Feral Cat Spay Day! Over 300 veterinary clinics (that's more than double the amount of participants last year!!) across the US, Canada and South Africa used this day to show their compassion for community cats and their support of trap-neuter-return (TNR). We are currently gathering the results, and as soon as they are all counted, we will let you know how many feral cats were spayed or neutered.

Not all communities are as accepting of feral cats and TNR, however, as the involvement from the veterinary community increases and the truth (the facts) about TNR reach the public without being misconstrued by those who oppose humane control, TNR will be accepted as the preferred method of controlling community cat populations and all those who manage these cats will be able to work free of persecution and will be recognized for their compassion. Thank you to all who support the humane treatment of feral cats!!

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