Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter: Be Safe This Holiday!

This Sunday is a very important holiday for many people around the world.  Easter brings many things to many people, but it is important to remember that some of our favorite Easter decorations can be very dangerous for our cat and dog friends.

Here are some tips for keeping our furry friends safe during this holiday weekend:

Easter Eggs: They may seem like harmless things to decorate, but those decorations often look like toys to cats, and they can give kitty an upset stomach so keep all decorating supplies out of reach.  If you do an Easter Egg hunt outside, make sure that all hard-boiled eggs are found, otherwise they can rot and be eaten by cats or dogs, making them sick.  Plastic eggs can also be a hazard if your companion animal chews on them and ingests any of the plastic.  It can cause blockages or if sharp can cause tears.

Flowers and plants: Many beautiful flowers and plants we associate with spring and Easter are poisonous to animals.  In particular, the Lilly is extremely poisonous to cats.  The ASPCA runs a poison-control hotline for pets and can be reached at 888-426-445. If you suspect your pet has ingested something that may be poisonous, call them as soon as possible (the hotline does charge a fee) or call your veterinarian.  You can find more poisonous plants by visiting our website at

Easter Basket Dangers: Many things in the typical Easter basket are hazardous to animals.  One thing in particular to watch out for is the plastic grass used for decorating.  Cats LOVE to play with it, and if ingested can cause intestinal blockages, which require expensive surgery to remove and can kill a pet.  Chocolate is also particularly dangerous because it contains theobromine, which cannot be fully metabolized and can cause many health problems.  If you suspect that your companion animal has ingested chocolate, it is imperative to get them to a vet right away.  Sugary treats can also cause digestive problems.
Alley Cat Rescue wants everyone and their fuzzy (or scaly, or slimy, or feathered!) friends to have a wonderful and safe holiday!

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