Monday, February 28, 2011


A little tabby kitten named, Winkie, desperately needs your help!

A few days ago, a mother and her daughter found Winkie, only 9 months old, wondering the streets of Howard County, Maryland, and knew they had to do something. They took Winkie into their home and gave him all the love and attention he could dream of. He quickly warmed up to the family and made himself at home. He loves to be petted, give kisses and most of all, to curl up on your lap for a snooze.

Unfortunately, this kind family lives in an apartment that does not permit pets, so they began reaching out to everyone they know to find this little guy a permanent home. With no one able to help and with the looming fear of getting in trouble with their landlord, this family thought the local county shelter would be able to find this kitten a home--but they were wrong! 

Several individuals and cat rescue organizations heard of Winkie's story and quickly contacted the Howard County Animal Shelter to rescue him, but they all were met with hostility and rejection! 

Being separated from the security of his family and placed into a strange new place with new smells, new people and scary noises, poor Winkie has become very frightened. And in his scared and confused state, the Animal Control officer is refusing to release him for adoption, even to experienced cat rescue groups, because she is calling him "violent" and "aggressive."
Does this look like a "violent" and "aggressive" kitten to you?!

Alley Cat Rescue, Cat Tails and Charm City Animal Rescue have contacted the Howard County Animal Control several times offering to rescue this kitten, but Officer Baracco is refusing to release him. She would rather use taxpayer money to hold the kitten and kill him, then to allow caring, experienced people to give him a home!  Winkie is scheduled to be killed on March 3rd!

We are hoping by putting enough pressure on the shelter, they might change their mind and give this lovable kitten a second chance. So we desperately NEED YOUR HELP! Please take a moment to contact the Howard County Animal Shelter and plea for Winkie's release to an experienced cat rescue organization.


Howard County Animal Control Operations
8576 Davis Road

, MD 21045
Animal Control Officer Mrs. Deborah Baracco

We are also asking that you contact her supervisors:
Captain Darin Chambers at 410-313-3223
Chief William McMahon at 410-313-2203



Companion Animal Rescue Alliance said...

Thank you for posting this on your blog! We have linked to your article on our Facebook Page! Search CARA (Companion Animal Rescue Alliance)

Anonymous said...

At appr 1524 Central 01MAR11, I called Howard County Animal Control and spoke with an official. I inquired about available adoptable cats, specifically a black and gray tabby I had been told about. When asked the cat's named and the reply "The cat's name is Winkie", they said that Winkie had been returned to his owners. If anyone can verify this, it would be outstanding. If the information given to me was false, a full-length audio recording was made of the phone conversation and further steps can be taken.

Alley Cat Rescue said...

Thank CARA for being involved in this rescue!

And thank you for those who called Howard County Animal Control and inquired about Winkie. It was an intense few days, but our dedication paid off!

Anonymous said...

I just read somewhere that Winkie had been returned to his original owner, which was the same exact person who turned him into the shelter saying he was as stray. Owner claims she 'lied' because she couldn't afford to get the cat neutered. Makes me wonder what else she might be lying about not to mention how safe this cat will be in the future. . .

Alley Cat Rescue said...

Alley Cat Rescue was told that Winkie was returned to the original rescuer and he is now living with the rescuer's mother. As for the rescuer being the "owner", this is not the information we were provided. In either case, Alley Cat Rescue worked to save a kitten in need and we succeeded. Winkie is safe and sound.