Monday, September 20, 2010

Book Review: Irreconcilable Differences by Nathan J Winograd

This insightful book is a great follow up to Nathan’s first book, Redemption. Both reveal how animal sheltering in the United States was borne out of compassion but over the years it has become lost in politics and poor shelter management practices.

Nathan points out that instead of dedicating resources towards working to save every animal that enters a shelter, resources are being spent on killing and blaming. He says, “killing has simply become one more tool in the ‘medicine cabinet’ of these managers.” This book reveals how shelter managers throw up their hands convinced that killing is a necessity instead of implementing more progressive methods of sheltering, including high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter programs, TNR programs for feral cats, working with rescue groups, extensive fostering networks, and comprehensive adoption programs.

These are just a few of the lifesaving programs that Nathan has incorporated in the No Kill Equation. He discusses how No Kill is achievable with this equation and he has proven it in several cities across the US. He says, “It is up to us in the humane movement to demand them of our local shelters, and no longer to settle for the illusory excuses and smokescreens that shelters often put up in order to avoid implementing them.”

Irreconcilable Differences is a collection of essays written by the father of the No Kill Movement, who is changing the minds and hearts of shelter managers across the US. It has received several awards, including an indie gold medal for Best Animal/Pet Book. If you want to know what the buzz is all about, then pick up a copy today!

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