Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sign ACR's Petition to the US Fish & Wildlife Service

Over the years, cats have been turned into scapegoats and blamed for the depletion of bird populations, especially songbirds. Cats are on the "public enemy" list of most wildlife groups, including our very own government's Fish and Wildlife Service.

Cats are being called "serial killers," "pests" and "The Scourge of Suburbia." Sadly, few groups and writers have ever defended cats by challenging these so-called statistics. It wasn't until 1994, when Jeff Elliott tried to get the truth out by writing for the Sonoma County Independent. Co-author of the Wisconsin Study, Stanley Temple, told the Sonoma County Independent, "The media has had a field day with this since we started. Those figures were from our proposal. They aren't actual data; that was just our projection to show how bad it might be." Though 16 years later, these exaggerated numbers are still being used and they are becoming more and more accepted as fact.

Too long have cats received a bad rap and blamed for the "destruction" of birds and wildlife. Conservation groups need to STOP using exaggerated numbers and bogus studies to base these claims upon. Yes, cats kill birds but for agencies, especially government-supported ones, to push for the eradication of cats based on such lies is horrifying and tragic. Help us help cats and STOP the perpetuation of lies being told by the US Fish and Wildlife Service by signing this petition. Thank you!

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