Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meet Scooter

This story comes from Animal News Blog written by Dr. Brooke Lechlitne a small animal veterinarian. The story all too common: a stray kitten found injured is taken to a vet for treatment by a good Samaritan and now the kitty needs your help! 
Apparently, Scooter, was playing with some fishing line but before too long he found himself tangled and in trouble. Luckily, someone found him just in the nick of time, but his injuries were severe enough to require amputation of his right hind leg. He is still healing and learning to walk again but his doctors say he will be just fine with the right care and lots of love.
To any of us who have shared our lives with a handicapped animal, we know just how much these animals do not let their disability stop them. If anything, it pushes them to be stronger. And to those who have never had such an experience, may this story inspire you to reach out and help where you can. Stories like Scooter's always touch me deeply, for I rescued a three-legged Pomeranian a few years ago. She went from a tiny scared puppy on death row to a happy energetic girl who doesn't let anything stop her! I use her story to educate others on caring for ALL Earth's creatures and for doing the responsible thing...being selfless and answering to the call in times of need.
Again, ACR receives requests everyday to assist kitties just like Scooter, and although we would love to help every single one, we just do not have the resources. So the least we can do is share their stories and trust that kind people will step up and help those in need. Every little bit helps! To learn more about Scooter and how you can help, please visit animalnewsblog.com.


AnimalNewsBlog said...

Thank you so much! We've gotten our first few donations - undoubtedly from your traffic. You have some great fans!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


Alley Cat Rescue said...

To AnimalNewsBlog: You are very welcome! Our blog automatically uploads to our Facebook page so hopefully that will help too. I looked at his little face this morning and thought I hope kind people help this little guy out. He is so sweet...thank you for taking care of him!