Thursday, July 08, 2010

Cats and Other Critters on Canvas

Michele Halvorson Feriancek is a magnificent animal artist who specializes in oil portraits of pets. Her studio, Summerbell Studio, is located in Central Minnesota (St. Cloud area). The studio name honors the two animal friends that currently share her home along with her husband and daughter. Summer is their sweetie-pie, Pitbull mix who was adopted from a rescue; and Bella is their diva kitty, a red tabby who was chosen from a litter of barn kittens. 

Michele says she “know[s] all too well how much our pets can mean to us, and the impact which they have on our lives. They become part of your family, travel with you to Grandma's house, and are included in your family photos and Christmas cards. I also know what it is like to lose our beloved friends, and how much that hurts. This is the very essence of why I do what I do, to honor these precious souls, both past and present, in a work of art.”  


As her way of giving back, a portion of every commissioned work of art goes toward helping animals in need! Just send Michele some high quality, detailed photographs of the pet(s) you wish her to paint, choose the size and style of the work, and let her know that you wish a donation to go to Alley Cat Rescue (in Mt. Rainier, MD). Or if you live in the St. Cloud, Minnesota area, you can arrange a photo shoot of your special pet(s) from which a portrait will be created. Don’t live in MN? No problem. Paintings can be shipped.


For more information about commissioning a portrait of your beloved pet and contacting Michele, please visit her website. And be sure to check out her facebook page: SummerBell Studio.

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