Wednesday, May 12, 2010

OSPCA Decides to Kill 350 Animals Infected with Ringworm

An Ontario animal shelter battling a ringworm infection began euthanizing some 350 dogs, cats and other animals Tuesday, with officials blaming human error for the outbreak. The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) said it decided to kill the animals after an attempt to contain the infection -- which had also spread to six workers at the Newmarket shelter -- failed.

Kate MacDonald, the society's chief executive, said the OSPCA does "not take euthanasia lightly" and is "extremely saddened by the situation."

The OSPCA’s decision to kill the animals instead of treating the infection has caused outrage within the community and within the Canadian government. Frank Klees, the Conservative member of provincial parliament, called on the province to step in and stop the euthanization, but the Liberal government said it stood by the OSPCA's decision.

Mr. Klees said he doesn’t trust the SPCA and told the parliament that numerous veterinarians, rescue groups, and the compassionate public have stepped up “to be part of an alternative solution in saving the lives of these animals.”

Toronto Humane Society weighed in on the OSPCA's decision, calling it the "easy way out." President Bob Hambley called the action "unprecedented," considering that ringworm is treatable. A spokesman for the Toronto society echoed the sentiment.
"Ringworm is a fungal infection. It infects the skin and the hair of the animals," said Ian McConachie. "The treatment is three antibiotics and twice weekly shampoo using a special shampoo for the animals."

A gathering of protesters has formed out front of the OSPCA, demanding they stop killing the animals. The local police department is also stationed out front to prevent any incidents.

As of right now, all adoption programs have ceased and once the facility has had a thorough cleaning, it will reopen on June 1…with a new slate of directors.

You may contact the OSPCA if you wish to share your disappointment with them, especially when this infection is TREATABLE and there is a public outcry for saving these animals.

Chief Executive Officer, Kate MacDonald
Contact: Anne Buonaiuto, Executive Assistant to CEO
Phone: 905-898-7122 ext. 304
Address:  16586 Woodbine Avenue, RR 3
Newmarket, ON L3Y 4W1 Canada

To view a local news story on the situation, please click here.

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maria said...

Stop donating to the ospca. Your donations are supporting the killing of animals that do not have a terminal illness. Let cities decide if they would rather choose to have their own city run no kill pound , no kill unless terminally suffering. We treat ringworm with oral sporonox for three weeks. It costs about 60 dollars per cat. Also if untreated ringworm which is only a skin Fungas like athletes foot will resolve itself in about 4 months. For goodness sake people get FuN gas all the time especially children in grade school and atletes it's called jock itch.
The ospca is taking the easy way out. They could pay for the medication for the amount they are paying for the security gaurds the. Have hired