Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Action Alert: Oreo’s Law Needs your Support!

Oreo’s Law (Bills A09449 and S06412) is currently before the New York Agriculture Committee in the Assembly and the Senate. And these bills need your letters of support in order to make sure they are passed!

Oreo's Law is sponsored by Assembly member Micah Kellner and Senator Thomas Duane. This legislation would allow qualified animal advocacy groups the right to rescue animals from shelters when a shelter is planning to euthanize them.

In writing your letters, here are a few points to make:

1. Oreo's Law would reduce euthanizing viable and adoptable dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals in New York shelters.
2. There are qualified rescue groups and foster volunteers who are willing and able to remove doomed animals from shelters and find them suitable homes.
3. Oreo's Law will save thousands of lives.
4. Oreo's Law will have a positive financial outcome for New York taxpayers, because rescue groups and volunteers currently save animals without government funding.

New York residents please send letters of support to the following individuals listed below. For a sample letter, see ACR's letter of support.

The chair of the Agriculture Committee of the Assembly:
Chairman William Magee
Agriculture Committee
Legislative Office Building 828
Albany, NY 12248
e-mail: MageeW@assembly.state.ny.us

The chair of the Agriculture Committee of the Senate:
Chairman Darrel Aubertine
Agriculture Committee
Legislative Office Building 903
Albany, NY 12247
e-mail: aubertin@senate.state.ny.us

Assemblyman Marc S. Alessi
Member Agriculture Committee
Legislative Office Building Albany, NY 12248 419
e-mail: alessim@assembly.state.ny.us

Senator Neil Breslin
Agriculture Committee
Capitol 502
Albany, NY 12247
e-mail: breslin@senate.state.ny.us

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