Monday, May 17, 2010

NJ Leading the Way for Cats AND Birds

Last month, Ewing, NJ decided to support TNR as the town’s preferred method of managing feral and free-roaming cats. After attempts of trap and kill failed to control cat populations, the town realized it makes more sense to enlist private citizens and cat rescue organizations to help remove kittens and friendly cats (for adoption programs) and to TNR the remaining cats.

According to an article on, “Many New Jersey municipalities have had great success with TNR, reducing free-roaming cat populations by more than 70 percent in just a few years. From Englewood to Morristown to Atlantic City to Burlington County, officials have sung the praises of TNR.” The article goes on to say that “The NJ Department of Health calls TNR-managed colonies a facet ‘of the solution to the free-roaming and feral cat situation.’ The Governor's Task Force on Animal Welfare recommended increasing TNR…” 

NJ is also taking the stance that TNR is a tool in protecting wildlife. The Animal Protection League of NJ (APLNJ) is part of the New Jersey Feral Cat and Wildlife Coalition, a collaborative effort (including the state's Endangered and Nongame Species Program and New Jersey Audubon Society, among others) that is developing a model for protecting wildlife and effectively reducing feral cat populations, thereby achieving mutually beneficial ends. 

THANK YOU New Jersey for taking a “progressive approach, signaling a new era of cooperation between advocates for wildlife and cats alike,” when it comes to humanely managing free-roaming cats.

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