Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Here’s a Salute to Kitty Mom’s Everywhere!

In honoring your mother this year, why not make a donation in her name to Alley Cat Rescue? Just think of the many ways your kind donation will go to help mother cats and their precious babies!

Every year, Alley Cat Rescue takes in hundreds of kittens, some with mothers, some without. Some babies are lucky enough to arrive with their mother, who will feed them and bathe them and keep them warm; but others come to us alone, huddled tightly together, requiring bottle feedings and intense caring.

Nursing mothers and kittens need milk replacement to give them extra protein and nutrients their bodies need during these fragile times. Many mothers and babies require medical care when they come to us to treat illnesses. They need good food, warm blankets, heating pads, litter, and shelter. And most importantly, they need love and understanding. They need a comfortable environment to nurture their babies and teach them what life is all about.

Litter after litter, mother cats continue to care for their babies without praise or a simple “thank you.” They go to great lengths to protect and care for their young. They search relentlessly for food and a helping hand. They work hard and deserve to be honored for their heroism. These four-legged mothers love their babies and ACR loves them ALL! Please show your mother how much you care about her this year by honoring kitty mothers everywhere!   

Click here to donate online or visit our website for other donation options.

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