Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ACTION ALERT: Richmond International Airport is Killing Cats

A small feral cat colony has been living on the Richmond, Virginia airport for years but they are no longer welcome. Last month, the airport posted “No Trespassing” signs to deter caretakers from feeding and TNRing the cats. Airport officials released a statement: It reads in part: "Preventative efforts including discouragement of public feeding has been unsuccessful. The steps taken by the airport adhere to a federally approved and monitored wildlife mitigation program intended to protect the traveling public."

According to the Richmond SPCA, volunteers have been caring for, including providing TNR services, to the cats for several years and no warning or explanation has been giving by airport management as to what prompted their decision to have the cats trapped and killed. The SPCA has contacted the airport several times, to offer assistance in humanely caring for the cats and to discuss other non-lethal methods of control, but the airport has not been willing to speak with them.

So far eight cats have been trapped and taken to Henrico Animal Control. Two of the cats have been spoken for and the others have until Friday to be placed into barn homes or they will be put down. Henrico Animal Control does not want to euthanize the cats but they are feral and not suitable for (home) adoption. The Richmond SPCA is willing to foot the bill to spay or neuter and vaccinate the cats if they are adopted. If you have some land and wish to provide a barn home for one or more of the feral cats, call Henrico Animal Control at 652-3360. The adoption fee will be waived.

A blog post from the Richmond SPCA says, “Any business should want to be a good corporate citizen and any person should be compassionate enough to try to prevent the unnecessary loss of animals’ lives rather than actually causing that loss of life without any necessity for it. Please do all you can to let the airport management know that you think they have been callous and inhumane with regard to these cats and that it will affect your choices in the future.”      

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Main Switchboard phone number: 804-226-3000
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Jon Mathiasen, AAE - President & CEO
John Rutledge - Director Planning and Engineering
Vic Williams - Director Public Safety

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