Monday, April 12, 2010

NEWS UPDATE: ACR Sends Petition to NJ DEP

On Tuesday April 6th, ACR mailed a petition to the NJ DEP requesting them to NOT reclassify feral cats as “exotic,” preventing them from being hunted. We gathered over 1,200 signatures from individuals who agree feral cats should be TNRed instead of being trapped and killed or HUNTED.

Fish and Game Council member, Leonard Wolgast, has sponsored a resolution to have feral cats reclassified by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), which could put an end to TNR programs in the state and allow feral cats to be hunted.

No action by the council is expected before a recommendation from an ad hoc committee of the DEP's Endangered Nongame Species Advisory Committee. The meeting is to be held sometime this month. I called two different numbers (departments) for the NJ DEP to find out when the meeting is to be held, but no one could tell me and I never received my follow-up phone call from them. So far we have not received word on any decision, but we will update you on the situation as we learn more information.

Until then, please continue to contact the NJ DEP and urge them NOT to allow feral cats to be hunted. Instead suggest TNR programs as the humane method of managing their numbers.

NJ Department of Environmental Protection
Bob Martin, Acting Commissioner
PO Box 402
401 East State Street, 7th floor
Trenton, NJ 08625-0402

Bob Martin: 609-292-2885
Sandy Nis, Executive Secretary: 609-777-4327
Fax Number: 609-292-7695


More on the topic: ACR was contacted by a woman who informed us of her friend’s research on feral cats, predation, and TNR programs. Laurie Goldstein of Stray Pet Advocacy sent her study and findings to the NJ DEP and other appropriate legislative bodies to urge them to rule in favor of TNR programs. Her letter can viewed here, along with the US Fish and Wildlife NJ Office letter of support for the proposed resolution on feral cats and TNR.

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