Monday, April 05, 2010

Mister Finds a Home!

About a month ago, ACR found a stray dog, who was not wearing a collar or tags. After thoroughly checking the neighbor- hood for his owners and speaking with animal control, no one claimed him. So, he was in need of a new home. Being a dog who is five-years-old, we knew it would be a little more difficult to find him a home, since most people want puppies. So, I wrote a short biography and took a few pictures and submitted it to a writer for the Baltimore Examiner, hoping to get responses from the news article. Unexpectedly, after reading my email and seeing his pictures, the writer instantly fell in love with him!

Mister, now Scooby Doo, absolutely loves people and to sit on their laps. He is constantly wagging his tail and gets very “wiggly” when he sees people. He is already spoiled in his new home, taking up the bed, making room for himself on the couch, and making friends with his new kitty roommates. He is such a happy dog and is even more so in his new home! His new parents could not be more thrilled and neither could ACR.

So, please, the next time you are looking to adopt a new member of the family, whether it be a dog or cat, please keep in mind that older animals make great pets. It is the kittens and puppies at rescues that easily find homes and who are first choices for most people; however, they might not always be the best fit. Yes, kittens and puppies are adorable and it is a joy to watch them grow, but with today’s busy schedules, it is not always easy to find time to train a kitten or puppy and to be watching them constantly to keep them out of trouble.

Older pets are usually trained and already know the basic routines of mealtime, potty time, playtime, and sleepy time. Their personalities are already “defined” so you know who you are adopting, whereas kittens and puppies may be playful while little, but it is not always certain what their personality will be like when full grown. Also, older pets are usually better with small children; they are not as rambunctious and a little calmer in general, but still know how to have fun and play when it is time. Not to mention, older pets once had a home and were (hopefully) loved by their family, but now they find themselves alone and scared waiting and hoping for someone else to come along and give them a second chance…another chance at love and life. Just like people, they come with a story, some happy and some sad. In adopting an older pet, you can add to his/her story and make new memories, giving him/her a happy ending.

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