Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Me and My Recent TNR Attempts

Recently, I have had a couple of frustrating attempts at TNR that did not turn out as well as I wanted. Sometimes, trapping cats can be time-consuming and cats have a mind of their own, so things don't always go according to plan. At the end of March, there were about 5 tomcats prowling around in the bamboo behind my house. I could hear them yowling in search of mates. The plan was to TNR them, but the week I got traps it rained and I haven’t seen them since. Ugh. I tried. I just wish I could have fixed them, so they are not out producing babies.

And this past weekend, I tried to trap another cat but I was unsuccessful. A neighbor of my parents abandoned his cat, so my mom asked me to help. The cat is a housecat and was friendly, but after several months with limited human contact, she is turning feral. You can get close to her but she does NOT like people. I set a trap but she was not interested in going in...no yummy tuna for her. I tried to encourage her into the trap from under a couch but she would not go in. She is a really pretty cat, black and white; she’s small. I left the trap with my mom, so hopefully we will be able to catch her. Then, we can get her vetted and work on socializing her or at least find her a barn home.

My dad and I talked about how people can just leave their animals behind. I told him if I knew, I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing. I told him ACR sees situations like these everyday. And it doesn’t get any easier. I think working to catch this cat really made my dad realize what TNR is all about. He has always appreciated animals and my love and respect for them, but being a part of this situation enlightened him on cat homelessness and the special person it takes to do what us rescuers do…give a little piece of us everyday, to every animal. I intend to see these projects through; I will keep searching for the tomcats in my neighborhood and I will check with my parents to see if they have any luck with trapping the semi-feral. As the story goes, us cat rescuers are constantly working on the problems caused by other people who dump their unwanted cats. It is a sad fact of life but again, someone has to do it.

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