Thursday, March 11, 2010

US Pastor Shoots Cats in Taiwan

According to a news article, an American pastor was turned over for prosecution by Taiwan police for allegedly shooting stray cats with an air gun. "After questioning him, we turned him over for prosecution on charges of cruelty to animals and illegal use of firearms," a police officer from the Gushan Police Bureau in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, said by phone.

Under the Animal Protection Act, if Pastor John Sisk is convicted of animal cruelty, he could face a maximum one-year sentence and a fine of up to 1 million Taiwan dollars (30,000 US dollars).

The article said that police questioned Sisk, who is from South Carolina and is serving the Assembly of God church in Kaohsiung, after receiving a complaint from Animal Rescue Team Taiwan (ARTT). ARTT began investigating Sisk's alleged cruelty to cats last week after being tipped off by his neighbors. "We found the body of one cat, shot dead by Sisk, and saw another cat shot and injured by Sisk," Ni Ching-tai, an ARTT member, said. The neighbors said Sisk has shot dead another cat and buried the body. When ARTT members questioned Sisk, he admitted "trying to scare the cats" because they ate his fish and birds and disturbed his sleep, and blamed local residents for not looking after their cats.

The Assembly of God church apologized for Sisk's behavior and offered to cover the medical bills for the injured cat.


Anonymous said...

Listen to Pastor Sisk's own word in,

"For the first five years I did not use the BB gun....."

Pretty pathetic.

Anonymous said...

And you call your self Christian??? You should be ashamed of yourself.

OzSoapbox said...

Sisk walked free last Friday because a Taiwanese court found he did not intentionally cause the kitten harm when he shot it his gun.

I suppose he was just showing it how much he loves animals.