Monday, March 08, 2010

SPCA Worker Abused Cats

According to an NBC news article, a central New Jersey SPCA employee has been charged with killing two recovering animals in the agency's care.

Daniel Mann, 31, was arrested on March 1st after his co-workers at the Monmouth County SPCA watched him (Photo courtesy: Eatontown Police) abuse two cats as they recovered from surgery, according to Eatontown Police.

Mann allegedly strangled one cat with its leash and dangled another in the air by its leash before throwing the helpless feline head first into the ground, authorities said.

Monmouth County SPCA Chief Victor "Buddy'' Amato said Mann had worked at the shelter for about 18 months.

Mann was charged with animal cruelty, which holds a maximum term of three to five years in prison. He is being held at the Monmouth County Jail on $30,000 bail.

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