Monday, March 22, 2010

Cat Tales and Other Stories

Louise Holton is ACR's founder and Alley Cat Allies (ACA) co-founder. She has been rescuing cats and practicing TNR for most of her life. She started helping cats while living in her home country of South Africa. She helped the Johannesburg SPCA TNR feral cats. Then, when she moved to the US in the mid-80s, she brought her expertise of TNR and feral cats with her. She was appalled to learn that animal shelters in the US were practicing trap and kill and did not offer any assistance to feral cats. This drove Louise to create ACA and then ACR, the first two organiza- tions in the US dedicated to helping feral cats and advocating for TNR.

Louise recently started her own blog, where she shares personal stories of her experiences working with feral cats and practicing TNR. Many posts are cat-related, however, Louise is a very passionate woman and does a great deal to help ALL animals, so some posts are dedicated to assisting other animals. If you are intersted in some honest and genuine reading, please check out her blog, Cat Tales

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