Friday, March 05, 2010

Animal Rescue Efforts in Chile

(Photo: AP/Roberto Candia - A litter of kittens amongst the rubble.)

The magnitude-8.8 quake and tsunami that followed ravaged a 435-mile stretch of Chile's Pacific coast and killed at least 300 people. The 22-mile deep earthquake caused buildings to collapse, fires to erupt, and unleashed a tsunami across the Pacific. It devastated the city of Concepcion, 70 miles from the epicenter.

Coalition for the Ethical Control of Urban Animals’ (CEFU) executive director, Alejandra Cassino, estimates more than 700,000 companion animals may be affected by the earthquake. CEFU has called upon other Chilean animal organizations to unite for these victims. Under the banner ANIMAL RELIEF CHILE, the coalition provides a national support network to cover veterinary care, resource management, communications, volunteers, etc.

(Photo: AP/Roberto Candia)

- Animanaturalis
- Animal Consciousness
- Rima
- ASPS Talca
- independent animal Enraizarte
- Students from the Universidad Diego Portales, Universidad Mayor, Iberoamericana
and Universidad de Chile

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