Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ACTION ALERT: Feds Trapping and Killing Cats in Georgia

We were recently contacted by one of our members regarding an urgent situation in Forsyth County, GA. We’ve also read several news articles about the situation and we are asking our members for your help. As I write this, cats are being trapped and killed by the Army Corps of Engineers in Lake Lanier's West Bank Park.

The Army Corp posted signs last week warning people not to feed the cats, because they were going to be removed. The Army Corps says the cats are a danger to wildlife and visitors of the park.

Our member has been working with the local SPCA and Humane Society since 2005 on TNRing the cats in the park. She has removed countless kittens and adoptable cats and sterilized and vaccinated numerous others. She told me that the Army Corps agreed to meet with her and the rescue organizations to discuss the situation and possible solutions. They told her no cats would be trapped until they met; unfortunately, the Army Corps did not maintain their end of the deal. Traps were set days before the meeting and thus far, they have been unwilling to listen to rescue organizations. So far about seven cats have been trapped.

ACR has tried contacting the Army Corps office via phone, but we have been unsuccessful. So, we have emailed urging them to reconsider their position and to sit down with the SPCA and Humane Society to work out an agreement. It does not make sense for them to be trapping and killing these cats when most of them have already been TNRed and are being cared for. Please join us in this fight to save the cats at Lake Lanier in Georgia. Contact the Army Corps of Engineers and explain to them that eradication attempts do not work and there is no need to remove the cats, especially when TNR has so many benefits and individuals have already been improving the situation.

Contact Information:

Lake Sidney Lanier
Corps of Engineers
Attn: Mr. Tim Rainy
PO Box 567
Buford, GA 30515

Phone: 770-945-9531


nancy west said...

This is just tragic! I will post a letter, send an email, and make a phone call today.

Nancy West

rtfgvb7818 said...

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