Monday, February 15, 2010

UPDATE: Animal Relief in Haiti

As of 2/8/10, ARCH (Animal Relief Coalition of Haiti) had treated nearly 750 animals. ARCH is working with Haitian government officials on lasting animal welfare solutions, by creating animal facilities and services that did not exist pre-earthquake.

ARCH partners have pledged time, money and/or volunteers to stay in Haiti to:

- Setup a mobile veterinary clinic for Port au Prince and rural communities.
- Support and implement training of veterinarians and animal health technicians.
- Create a refrigeration system for storage/distribution of medicines.
- Design public awareness/education campaigns in Haiti and Creole.
- Vaccinate 3 million chickens for Newcastle disease and 2 million for Charcoal disease...
- Activate a Vaccination Preventive Care Program for many more diseases and species.
- Treat 3 million animals (anyone with a hoof!)...

2/4/10: A surprised cat awaits a medical check, in line with other Haitians and cats. ARCH has sent a mobile veterinary unit to increase our capacity to help the people and animals of Haiti. (Photo courtesy of Best Friends)

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