Wednesday, February 24, 2010

25lb Cat gets Stuck Under X-Ray Machine

According to an article in The Star-Ledger, “A skittish kitty lodged itself under a bomb-detection machine at Newark Liberty International Airport during today’s morning rush hour, making its owner miss her flight to Florida and other passengers undergo security screening at a different X-ray machine, officials said.”

The article says that a woman and her young daughter had the cat in a carrier but when they took the cat out of the carrier so it could go through an X-ray machine, “the freaked-out feline ran under the CTX explosive-detection device.”

“Port Authority police used a hydraulic device 20 minutes later to lift the heavy machine and free the portly cat that had worked its way under 4 inches of clearance, officials said.”

The woman and her daughter missed their flight, but were grateful that the cat was unharmed.

Following this incident, I hope airlines reconsider how they check animal carriers for bombs. Animals should not have to be removed from carriers at the airport. That situation just asks for things to go wrong. Most animals do not like to be transported, and add in the countless people, strange noises and smells found at airports, and of course animals are going to be nervous and act out-of-character. For safety reasons (for people and for the animals), animals should NOT be removed from their carriers while at the airport.

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