Wednesday, January 27, 2010

UPDATE: Haiti Animal Efforts

According to a report filed just yesterday by International Fund for Animal Welfare’s (IFAW) communication officer, ARCH (Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti) members traveled South of Port-au-Prince to the towns of Leogane and Jacmel. Michael Booth says, “It didn’t take long until we encountered a number of goats, pigs and dogs all assembled near dump sites along the local fruit and vegetable market haphazardly set-up on the side of a dirt (Picture Source: IFAW) road. Haiti had made great progress in re-housing street markets not too long ago but the earthquake brought the roof of the new market down and with it any attempts at an organized, safe and clean distribution center. Within just a few days, the vendors had again established themselves really anywhere they could and instantly animals were drawn there to rummage in the garbage in an attempt to find whatever food they could.”

ARCH continued their travels throughout Haiti seeing similar scenes from town to town. Again Michael Booth reports what he encounters, “More chickens, more dogs, all searching for food. I noticed a couple of stray dogs had ‘latched’ on to certain people. They would just follow them from one place to the other, a few meters away, scared and nervous but hoping that they could find a family to belong to. Some were ignored, others pushed away, it made me think ‘did these dogs have a family before Jan. 12?’ is that the reason why they ‘cling’ hopelessly to passer-by’s? I really don’t want to know the answer to that; I just hope our work in Haiti can help relieve that pain, loneliness and sadness. Thanks again to all our IFAW supporters, without you we could not be here. Your contribution will help Haiti’s animals when they need it the most.”

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