Saturday, January 23, 2010

Denver, CO is Being Called a Pet Heaven

According to an article on, Denver is “among the top five to 10 places in the country for pets, according to John Snyder, vice president for companion animals at the Humane Society of the United States.” Snyder says, “If you have pets you have a greater chance of finding a cure or a home for them in Denver.”

The metro area has a great assortment of animal welfare organizations, lower euthanasia rates, better care standards, and groundbreaking research that leads to improved lives for their animals.

The article goes to say that “any number of people also will cite Denver's outdoors-oriented lifestyle, its passion for activities with pets, its high education level and its relative affluence as factors in making the city a good place for pets. Add to that the presence of Colorado State University's top-rated veterinary school, which sends a steady flow of veterinarians and research information to the area.”
In 2007, Forbes magazine placed Denver among the top 10 cities in America for pets (Colorado Springs finished first), based on park acreage, pet-supply and -business services, and veterinary services.

Commenting on the area’s shelters, David Gies, executive director of the Animal Assistance Foundation, says, “There's a focus here on understanding the human/animal connection unlike anywhere else in the country.”

"We have a wonderful trend of collaboration between organizations in the animal-welfare community," adds Ralph Johnson, executive director of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association. "Veterinary groups work well with animal-welfare and control groups. That's not true in some states." Johnson says the result is more pet adoptions, better procedures for animal intake at shelters, better socialization of animals, consistent data collection and, in many cases, better ordinances for living safely with pets.

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