Monday, December 07, 2009

UPDATE: Towson University to Implement TNR

Back in September, we sent out an action alert stating that Towson University here in MD was going to trap and kill the cats on campus. This information came from a faculty member and at the time, the university was going to eradicate the colony; however, we are now being told that the university has signed an agreement with Towson TNR (a group of volunteers headed by faculty members) to implement a TNR program instead!

ACR has received several emails regarding this situation and a petition on the Care2 website. The petition pertaining to the Towson University cats was created by another cat rescue, NOT ACR, and the petition has since been closed due to the successful resolution. Therefore, please pass on the great news and disregard the petition.

As always, thank you for taking action in protecting cats, and when enough people ban together for a common cause, great things can happen! If you wish to contact the school and thank them for agreeing to TNR instead of killing the cats you may do so.

Contact Information:

Towson University
8000 York Road
Towson, Maryland 21252
Phone: 410-704-2000


Anonymous said...

BRAVO ACR.I'm glad to see Towson University was able to reach an agreement with Towson TNR.Keep up the GREAT work.

Anonymous said...

Excellent News. Please keep us updated on the progress of the Trap Neuter and Return project at Towson University.