Thursday, December 17, 2009

Support ACR While Grocery Shopping!

If you shop at Food Lion, be sure to sign up for their MVP Customer card (it’s free), and every time you shop, proceeds will go to save kitties! Plus, their MVP card will allow you access to special deals throughout the store.

After receiving your MVP card, simply logon to and choose ACR as your organization of choice. Use our Food Lion ID #19232 to do so. It’s that simple!! You only have to register once, but you can only support one group at a time. If you wish to support more than one group, at the beginning of each quarter, you may choice a different charity to support. (More info provided below) If you or someone you know wishes to signup but does not have access to a computer, you may contact ACR and provide (member’s Food Lion MVP 12-digit number, name and phone number) and we can sign up for you.

So, What is LionShop & Share?
LionShop & Share is the easiest, most convenient way to raise money for your local not-for-profit organization. Each time you shop at Food Lion and use your MVP card, a portion of your total grocery purchase will be donated to the school, church or other local not-for-profit organization you have selected. Food Lion knows it is important to be involved in the local communities in which it serves, and LionShop & Share is our way of helping you help your community grow and prosper.

How much money can ACR earn?
At the end of each quarter, Food Lion will divide the funds proportionally among the LionShop & Share organizations depending on their total accumulated sales. Checks are sent to the LionShop & Share organizations approximately six weeks after the quarter ends. In order to receive a check in any quarter, an organization must earn at least $10 during that quarter. A check will be issued once the $10 threshold has been reached the following quarters. There will be a cap of $350 per organization per quarter.

What if I would like to support more than one organization?

You may only register for one organization per quarter, but you have the option to change the organization you wish to support before each new quarter begins.

How do the quarters run?
• January 1 - March 31
• April 1 - June 30
• July 1 - September 30
• October 1 - December 31
It is not necessary to re-register every quarter once the card has been registered. You only need to re-register if you want to change the organization you are supporting. Otherwise, the registration carries from quarter to quarter.

So, logon now to start supporting ACR while you do your regular grocery shopping!!

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