Saturday, November 28, 2009

Barbi Twins Fight for Cats

According to a Fox News article, “Shane & Sia Barbi have come a long way since making millions of men drool over their Playboy pics. The identical twins have hung up their bunny ears and opted for a career as (Picture Source: full-time animal activists and are right now busy working with in an effort to stop the painful de-clawing of cats across the United States and stop a new legislation from coming into play.”

As I blogged previously, in January 2010, a new law entitled the “Healing Arts Bill” is due to come into effect in California; which will allow veterinarians to prohibit any interference in regards to the surgical practice of de-clawing.

The Fox article goes on to say, “The Veterinarians Association was very tricky with the 'Healing Arts Bill.' It was a very tricky and very crafty way of saying ‘don’t interfere with our cruel practices.’ It's huge money for them and it’s illegal in a lot of other countries. We are trying to reach out to mainstream America to inform them of what is really going on,” Shane told Tarts, adding that people need to call their local and state representatives to push for legislature to prevent the bill from coming into effect and stop it from happening in other states too.

A rep for the American Veterinary Association did not respond for comment.

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