Monday, November 09, 2009

Animals Take Flight

This past weekend about 30 cats and dogs were rescued from an animal shelter in South Carolina by the Animal Rescue Flights (ARF) organization. According to an NBC news story, the animals were flown to safety on Saturday. Pilots from the South flew the animals up to Frederick, MD, where they were transferred to planes from the North.

With a short pit stop in MD, pilots who volunteered their time and their planes, gave the dogs a potty break and short walks before transferring them to planes that continued north. This effort was made possible by ARF, who transfers animals from kill-shelters to no-kill shelters across the US.

Jeff Harris, a pilot from York, SC, said, "One of the dogs, Travis, was barking the first 20 minutes or so because he wanted to get the cat. Fortunately, we had him strapped in so he couldn't get to her."

Many of the animals stayed at their next stop in Montgomery, New York, while some continued on to Maine and Connecticut.

ARF was created by pilots who want to bring awareness to the need for widespread, low-cost spaying and neutering programs as a solution to America's animal over-population problem. They are a non-profit, charitable organization of pilots, volunteers, and friends who believe in the benefit of volunteering their skills and resources to help save animals in need. ARF promotes, plans, and performs the transportation of animals from overcrowded shelters where they face certain death to other parts of the country where qualified families are waiting to adopt them. There is never a fee of any kind, either to the sender or the receiver of an animal flying with ARF. For more information on ARF check out their website at

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