Thursday, November 05, 2009

ACR's President Talks to The Sentinel about Feral Cats and the Economy

Louise Holton, ACR's founder and president was interviewed by The Sentinel on feral cats and TNR. Holton explained how the declining economy has greatly affected cats (and dogs) and has put a growing burden on animal shelters.

Individuals are losing their homes and cannot put food on their plates, let alone continue to care for their companion animals. To make matters worse, no one wants to relinquish their pets to kill shelters and no-kill shelters are overwhelmed, so many, desperately abandon their animals hoping they will find new homes and take care of themselves. Unfortunately, many of these oust cats are not sterilized and go on to join feral colonies or form new ones by continuously breeding. Sadly, it is a never-ending cycle that is worsening due to the economy. Fortunately, organizations like ACR are doing their best to sterilize and find homes for as many cats as possible.

To read Holton's interview that appeared in Wednesday's issue, please follow this link:


David said...

Don't believe this nonsense, When I contacted ACR about a feral cat colony that included newborn kittens, they told me they flat out that they could do nothing to help themme or them.
They are not doing their best, whatever that is.

Alley Cat Rescue said...


In the situation where a colony has kittens, if we do not have a foster home for them, then we ask that either you or a friend foster them until they are old enough for us to sterilize them and place them into our adoption program. We have limited volunteers and foster homes; we simply cannot take every kitten. We try to work with individuals as best as our resources will allow. I am sorry you feel this way, but I assure you we do offer spay/neuter services and are willing to work out a plan that is the best interest of all involved.