Thursday, September 17, 2009

ACTION ALERT: Towson University Cats to be Killed

A colony of feral cats have been residing on the Towson University campus in Maryland for years, but now the university wants them gone. A small group of individuals have been caring for these cats for the past year. They have sterilized 15 of the cats and continue to trap-neuter-return them using their own money. Several cat rescue organizations have stepped up to help with the situation, but the school administration still insists the cats be killed.

Most college campuses have feral cats, due to students leaving their pets behind once they graduate and move out. Numerous campuses across the US have implemented TNR programs and have proven successful in controlling their populations. Until students stop abandoning their cats, there will continue to be cat colonies on school campuses.

Please follow the link to sign a petition to STOP the killing of the cats at Towson University.


Margaret B from Maine said...

It seems like the petition is closed...any word on the outcome for these cats?????

Alley Cat Rescue said...

Please refer to our recent blog regarding the cats at Towson University. There is a happy ending.