Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ACR the Charity of the Month

Alley Cat Rescue has been named the charity of the month by a cat blogger. The Adventures of the Casbah Kitten and Friends is a blog managed by two kitties, Jelly Bean and "the Momma". These two kitties started a cat toy business (The Casbah Kitten) in 2007. Since that first toy, the cats have inspired a line of eco-friendly toys that have sold around the world.

We thank The Casbah Kitten for naming us the charity of the month and for blogging about kitties. We encourage our members to stop by and check out their blog.



Javajune said...

I have a question/ more like need help rescuing a litter of feral kittens. I've been feeding mommy and now feeding 4- 6 to 8 week old kittens. They are wild and won't let me near. I have homes for them if I can catch and tame them. The mother will let me pet her as long as she is in an open space with escape route. What would you suggest.

Alley Cat Rescue said...

I suggest you borrow a trap from a rescue group or a county shelter to catch them. Then I would (using gloves) transfer them to a large cage or spare bedroom to tame them. You can also try to catch them using a large carrier. If you put food in it, and they go in, be quick and shut the door behind them. But I suggest you try to catch them before they get any older; the older they are the harder it is to socialize them.