Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ellen DeGeneres Fires Back at Gov. Schwarznegger

So just the other day I blogged about Gov. Schwarznegger's plan to reduce the number of days a shelter animal in CA has before being killed. Well, ACR wasn’t the only ones to disapprove of his proposal; Ellen DeGeneres has started a Twitter campaign to protest the Governor’s plan.

According to Franny's Cats Blog on About.com, it took less that a day to reply to Ellen with a Tweet of his own:

Thank you for sharing your concerns with Governor Schwarzenegger about the proposal to lift restrictions on hold times at animal shelters. The Governor values your input during these challenging economic times.

As you know, we are in the midst of the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. We now face a budget shortfall that has grown to $24.3 billion. The Governor has proposed cuts that he would have never proposed except in a worst-case scenario, including eliminating General Fund support for programs like Healthy Families, CalWORKs, Cal Grants and State Parks. This was not an easy decision for the Governor. As a dog owner himself, he has always supported animal welfare and worked to ensure the humane treatment of animals.

Currently, the state requires all shelters to hold stray animals for four or six days and reimburses them for the associated costs. To address our budget crisis, the Governor has proposed to suspend some Non-Proposition 98 mandates, including the reimbursement funds for these shelters. To help local shelters deal with the challenges of this difficult budget situation, the Governor has also proposed that the state no longer require the four or six day hold time. Shelters still have the flexibility to keep the animals for more days, but the Governor's proposal avoids placing an unnecessary burden on local communities.

As the Governor works with his partners in the Legislature to find solutions to these problems, know that he will keep your thoughts in mind. Working together, he believes we can weather this storm and start the slow but steady march back toward prosperity.


Jenna Anderson
Office of Constituent Affairs

With that said, it would be wonderful, Governor, for shelters to increase the number of holding days, but that will NOT happen. Consequently, the opposite will happen. With shelters more crowded than ever and state funding being cut, this plan will inevitably lead many shelters to increase the euthanasia rate. Arnold's proposal might help balance his budget, but it will most definitely NOT help the animals.

Again, please tell Gov. Schwarzenegger NOT to balance his budget at the expense of helpless animals.

How You Can Help:

• Contact Governor Schwarznegger
o Email: http://gov.ca.gov/interact#email
o Phone: 916-445-2841
o Fax: 916-558-3160
• Locate and Contact Your State Legislators
o http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html

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Catherine said...

but the Governor's proposal avoids placing an unnecessary burden on local communities

Who does the Governor think created this problem? Why should the animals have to pay with their lives for the community ignorance? Make them pay a few MORE dollars and force them to realize that they NEED to take care of their animals.

OK...done with my rant. Sorry.