Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mt. Olive, NJ Cats in the News Again

At the beginning of May, the Mt. Olive Township Board of Health voted to trap and kill stray and feral cats in the area, despite several residents’ requests to implement a TNR program. Now, this past Tuesday night, the township council agreed to try to schedule the health officer and animal control officer to be present at its next meeting to continue the discussion on the program to TNR feral cats.

According to an article in The Star-Ledger, "'trap, neuter, return' would improve Mount Olive," Michelle Lerner said, who proposed TNR to the council. "This has really developed into a movement of residents." Tom DeVoe, a township resident who teaches at the middle school, added, "I ask you to consider this program because it is very important. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

ACR has received letters from a few Mt. Olive residents (and ACR members), wanting to make us aware of the situation and to express their support of TNR. Again, we also sent a letter to the township council members encouraging them to implement a TNR program, explaining its many benefits, but we received no response. For the cats’ sake, we hope Mt. Olive makes the humane decision to TNR instead of killing.

1 comment: said...

This is awful;The council members should be ashamed of themselves;These poor animals are terrified in a predominant human environment. YES ... they do have feelings , fears, emotions... and rights.... It is our responsibility to take care of them not to kill them.... Earth is their birth right too. What selfish people we are...

Eva from Sussex