Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Organization Helps Animals in Korea

Thanks to the non-profit organization, International Aid for Korean Animals (IAKA), animal protection and welfare in Korea has come a long way. In 1997, Kyenan Kum founded IAKA to promote animal protection and humane education in Korea. “Since its inception, Kyenan has worked tirelessly campaigning worldwide to educate the international community about the difficult conditions for dogs and cats in Korea. A major victory for IAKA came in 2007, with the revision and strengthening of Korea’s 1991 Animal Protection law, which IAKA had long campaigned and petitioned to improve.”

“With stronger legal protections in place, direct protest of the government and of the meat trade would be less productive than eliminating the demand for dog and cat meat altogether, through hands-on education.” So, that’s just what Kyenan and Haesun Park set out to do. In 2007, the two activists founded the Korea Animal Protection and Education Society (KAPES). The KAPES Center is currently under construction in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. The building will be an adoption and education center geared towards teaching young Koreans about the humane treatment of animals and instilling them with a deep compassion for dogs and cats.

Alley Cat Rescue is proud to support IAKA/KAPES and their continuous efforts to change the conditions for cats and dogs in Korea. In ensuring their success, ACR has made a monetary donation to IAKA and has provided them with several of our Feral Cat Handbooks; which will be translated and distributed at the new KAPES Center once construction is complete. If you wish to learn more about this amazing organization, please visit

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