Monday, August 25, 2008

Humane "Pest" Control Company

911 Wildlife, a licensed pest control service located in Plano, Texas, helps humans deal with any species of wildlife in a safe, humane way.

Licensed wildlife rehabilitator, Bonnie Bradshaw, started 911 Wildlife two years ago after working with the Dallas/Fort Worth Wildlife Coalition. The nonprofit coalition of wildlife specialists operates a year-round hot line for people with wildlife problems to contact an expert for ideas about getting rid of the animal.

Mrs. Bradshaw’s company will help clients in two ways. A technician will perform a free inspection, looking for possible entry points and provide suggestions for the homeowner to solve the problem, such as putting wire mesh on a chimney or plugging a hole in an attic. Or technicians will give a price quote to do the work, usually starting at 150 dollars.

“Our main mission is to prevent animals from being injured or orphaned, so unlike other pest control companies, we are willing to come out for free and help a person solve a problem at no charge,” Mrs. Bradshaw said. “If they pay us to do the eviction and exclusion work, we give them a 10-year guarantee.”

Mrs. Bradshaw also teaches customers to use humane aversion techniques that range from installing high-tech, motion-sensitive sprinklers to simply shouting and waving at the animal.

“I think that their mission is one that is definitely needed. It is partly education and it is partly service,” Texas Master Naturalist Mark Branning said. “I think that those go hand in hand with helping and working with wildlife.”

911 Wildlife responds regularly to calls about raccoons, possums, bobcats, squirrels, armadillos, coyotes, birds, and other North Texas wildlife, but the hardest calls Mrs. Bradshaw gets come from people who take in these animals as pets and go to extreme measures to tame them. Mrs. Bradshaw has seen animals with claws and teeth removed. “If you have to mutilate an animal to make it a pet, that should be a sign,” she said. “It becomes a very, very sad situation; they are never tame.”

911 Wildlife offers these tips for dealing with and preventing wildlife intrusions:

1. Don't leave pet food outside overnight.
2. Don’t leave birdseed in feeders or on the ground overnight.
3. Don’t put unsecured garbage outside overnight.
4. Cover crawlspace & attic openings with heavy gauge, rustproof wire
mesh (not chicken wire).
5. Carefully inspect your eaves & other areas where the roof & house
join. Repair deteriorating boards, warped siding & loose shingles.
6. Trim overhanging branches that provide easy access to your roof for
squirrels & other wildlife.
7. If you have a pet door, close it securely at night.
8. If you have a chimney, make sure that it has a secure cap.
Chimneys without caps are open invitations to raccoons looking for
“hollow trees” in which to give birth & raise their young.
9. If you have a deck, you can prevent animals from digging underneath
it by creating an L-shaped barrier. Attach heavy gauge wire mesh to
the base of the deck, sink it six inches into the ground, bend it 90
degrees away from the deck for 12 inches then cover it with soil.
10. Share this information with your neighbors!

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